Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation is a formal settlement conference before a mutually agreed upon mediator, between the parties and their counsel involved in a dispute. Alan Swanson has served for decades as a mediator jointly selected by parties in disputes in a wide variety of cases throughout South Puget Sound area. He has been very effective in assisting parties in coming to a resolution of their dispute without the necessity having to proceed with continued time consuming and expensive litigation.

Arbitration is a hearing on the merits of a case, usually in an informal setting, such as the arbitrator’s conference room. There are different types of arbitrations. Some contracts and statutes require binding arbitration of disputes. Also, court systems in Washington State require arbitration of disputes where the relief sought is money damages of $50,000.00 or less. These fall within the mandatory arbitration rules of each county. Usually, the parties and their attorneys attempt to mutually select an arbitrator to hear the case. Alan Swanson is often mutually selected by the parties and their attorneys to serve as an arbitrator and provide a fair and just arbitration award. He has served as an arbitrator in a wide variety of cases, from business disputes, breaches of contract, trust and estate disputes, personal injury claims, and other matters, throughout South Puget Sound area.

Alan Swanson is available to serve as mediator or arbitrator, or to represent your interests in a dispute involving mediation or arbitration. Additionally, he is available to serve as a third party facilitator to assist parties and their counsel in resolving other issues as well. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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